Know where we have  reached

About Us

17000 ft Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization setup with a focus to improve lives of people living in very remote villages, in areas that lie isolated and forgotten due to difficulties posed by tough terrain. 

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To arrest the exodus of young families to far away cities in search of education, by strengthening rural schools and communities, driving attention to remote villages, providing opportunities for learning through enriching exchanges with visiting travellers and creating a framework for economic independence through increased tourism spends.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where geography and distances offer no barriers to opportunity and growth.


220 Libraries

401 Voluntourist Visits

134 Playgrounds

1000 Teachers Trained

38000 Students Impacted

960 Schools Mapped

800 Desks & Chairs

100 Villages exposed to tourism

120 Digilabs

21000 Bhoti Books

220 Model Schools