Know where we have  reached


We could talk endlessly about our work, but if you could hear it from someone else, we would feel good too. Our headmasters, teachers, voluntourists speak for us.

Madam Tsewang Dolma – Head Teacher, Primary School Pun/Pun

"We are extremely happy to receive a Library from 17000 ft. Though we had a few books before, we never took them out regularly. But ever since the 17000 ft Team showed us how to label, colour-code and use the books in many activities, we have also been motivated to teach our children to read. Not only have we given books to our children to read for the vacations, we ourselves took some home so that we can do our story telling sessions better. We have also taken more labels and colour stickers from 17000 ft to label our own books. The Volunteers who came to setup the library were extremely nice and taught us so many new activities. We wished they could have stayed longer, and we would have got to know them better and thanked them some more. We really thank 17000 ft for showing us how to make a library a happy place and promise to do our best to continue the work. Thank you, and Julley!"

Rinchan Sherab – Head Master, Govt. Residential Middle School, Lingshed(2011)

"It is very amazing to have approach of Team 17000 ft led by Sir Sahu and Mam Sujata to our school Lingshed which is situated in Trans Singey La area of the Zanskar region of Ladakh. This year they provided chairs and tables to our school , by crossing 3 very high passes of over 5100 mtrs, which is an in inspiring job done by their team. Thank u very much Sir Sahu and Mam Sujata for your kind support" 

Stephan Guilloux – Voluntourist from Illkirch, France

"When I heard about your program, I was really attracted. Using my vacation to help children to get some skills, was really motivating. This is probably what prompted me to apply. The program more than met my expectation. The beautiful landscapes, the interaction with the children. One shy little girl was holding on to my arm so fiercely as we were leaving! I did not think we could inspire such affection in them. The interaction with the teachers was equally good. They also seemed to enjoy and learn from us volunteers as much as the children"

Mamta Chhabra – Voluntourist from India

"Visiting Ladakh with 17000 ft was an experience like no other. We travelled to remote corners yet untouched by tourism; shared meals and homes with the villagers; and spent our days rediscovering the solar system and human body in ways even we had never thought of before. The staff of 17000 ft challenged us to think outside the box in the preparation of these teaching modules. We were forced to dip into our creative arsenals to come up with activities that required nothing but the most basic of materials. The training in Leh equipped us with excellent tips to engage with the children. I have no doubt that the children benefit tremendously from the time they spend with the volunteers; but I can also, with just as much confidence, assert that our lives were enriched by a far greater measure.

We are not the same having shared a brief moment with the people of Ladakh."

Nanaki Singh – Ibex Expeditions

I think the program set for the volunteers was so legit and well coordinated. 17000 ft had everything down to a T. I loved setting up the playground and painting on the walls. The students also helped with the painting and were able to identify characters not seen in their books.