Know where we have  reached

About Us

17000 ft Foundation is a Not for Profit Organization setup with a focus to improve lives of people living in very remote villages, in areas that lie isolated and forgotten due to difficulties posed by tough terrain. 

What We Do

At 17000 ftour aim is to reach out to all the remote villages and schools of rural Ladakh through technology, collaboration and passion. Our objectives are, to strengthen remote schools, provide increased opportunities for learning, to drive focus and attention to remote villages, to arrest the slow rural exodus of young families to far away cities, facilitate exposure through enriching exchanges with tourists and volunteers, and finally create a framework for economic independence.

Our larger vision is to create an eco-system of opportunities for all our stakeholders.

1. The rural school and its children  Enhanced opportunities of learning by increased exposure to newer content, contemporary methods of teaching and through enriching exchanges with travelers and volunteer groups

2. The remote villages Increased tourism-spends and focus by diverting volunteer/traveller movement to these villages.

3. The Volunteer & Traveler Opportunities for community involvement and a chance to visit and interact with communities in remote areas.

4. Our Team of Local Facilitators Increased opportunities of livelihood and skill development, through involvement with 17000 ft programs.

5. Our Corporate Partners – An opportunity to own and support a large-scale intervention in an area known for its harsh terrain, remoteness and hardship stories.

MapMySchool@17000ft - Technology is a key ingredient and driver of all of our interventions, and forms the basic framework of all of our work in Ladakh. MapMySchool is our framework that brings our various stakeholders together in a technology platform designed to collect and disseminate information, share experiences, empower each stakeholder, enable implementation of well planned programs and most importantly, provide visibility and transparency to our projects.

What it is -

1. Technology that places each remote school on a travel map of Ladakh, encouraging trekkers and travelers to extend their stay and contribute to the needs of these rural schools.

2. A unique opportunity for these travelers to connect, collaborate and volunteer their time, effort, or money to help remote rural schools.

3. A crowd-sourced software platform that captures critical resource requirements of over 960 schools, to be used to plan and implement 17000 ft projects as well as build a network of interested trekkers and travelers to create valuable contact programs for the schools.

Voluntourist@17000ft - The remoteness of these areas and the sparsity of its population often leave a lot of villages and schools ignored and forgotten, giving rise to the problems it faces in education today. The larger goal of Voluntour@17000ft, is to bring focus and attention back to these remote villages and schools by addressing the needs of these schools through structured voluntouring programs. Providing enriching exchanges with voluntourists, 17000 ft aims to bring these villages back on the map and provide mutually beneficial interactions for the remote village and the voluntourist alike.

1. Structured voluntouring programs connecting the needs of a remote school with the specific skills and interests of a voluntouring community

2. Benefits to the remote school students and teachers by increased interactions, exposure to new skills and methodologies

3. Increased traveler visits to villages as yet unused to tourists, focus and attention on the remote village, opportunities of learning in hospitality, increased tourism spends, and knowledge transfer through interactions

4. Increased visibility of projects through a flow of voluntourists from a diverse geography