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DigiLab for a School

Be the catalyst in taking Digital Education to rural Ladakh


DigiLab@17000ft is a complete solar powered offline to online Digital Learning Lab for students that aims at improving education through providing access to digital hardware and customised learning content for teachers and students.

The Program has been implemented successfully in 120 schools of Leh and Kargil districts.




The donation  ensures :

  • Solar Infrastructure –A 300W Solar Panel and Battery to ensure uninterrupted power supply for the DigiLab
  • Digital Infrastructure - 
    • A Raspberry Pi/Equivalent Server to network the tablets & store performance data
    • An average of 10 (ten) 10” Lenovo/Samsung Tablets for students of each School including a tablet preconfigured with the DigiLab Content and Reporting Dashboard for the Head Master to monitor performance
  • DigiLab Furnishings
    • A fully furnished DigiLab Room with carpets, desks and benches and neatly laid out cabling to facilitate a structured Digital Program
  • Digital Learning Content
    • Personalized Digital Learning App in each of the tablets customized to the local Board in multiple subjects for grades 1 to 8 consisting of rich, highly engaging and interactive video and gamified content for learning and assessments
  • Training
    • Annual Multi-day training for the Head Master and Administrators on the Administration & Operations of the DigiLab System
    • Annual multi-day training for teachers to improve student learning outcomes
    • In-School refresher workshops for teachers and administrators
  • Monitoring Software & Reporting Dashboard
    • Special Monitoring App on the HM’s phone/tablet to gather student analytics and sync to the cloud on connectivity
    • A Reporting Dashboard for the Headmaster & Education Officials accessible on the school system and the cloud to for performance monitoring
  • ·Support
    • Phone & WhatsApp Support by a team of trained 17000ft Facilitators on the operations and maintenance of the DigiLab, along with teacher support for blended learning
    • In-School support through school visits conducted 3 to 4 times a year to monitor usage, gather analytics, conduct refresher trainings, upgrade software/content and perform maintenance

Donate a ​fully independent Digital Learning Center to the kids of Ladakh!