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DigiLab for a School

Rs.5,00,000 donates a DigiLab for a School


DigiLab@17000ft is a joint program with our corporate donor - Axis Bank - and aims at improving education through providing access to digital hardware and learning content for teachers and students. The Program has been implemented by setting up Digital Labs in each of the selected schools.

A complete Solar powered Offline to Online Digital Learning Lab for students with Solar Panels and batteries, 8 to 10 tablets with customized and personalized digital learning content, T.V, a Content Server and a Learning Management System to manage learning within and across schools. The project consists of the following components :

· Solar Panel – To power up the school for setting up a Digital Lab and providing electricity for the Computer Room

· Digital Lab – 8 - 10 Android Laptops for students including a Teacher Tablet has been provided to each school loaded with e-learning content for students, videos, apps and e-books and teacher training tools The Student Laptops also function as regular computers to facilitate the education of a Computer Science curriculum

· Furnishings – An existing Computer Lab Room has been provided with benches and chairs and normal furnishings required for the installation of the hardware

· Training, Monitoring and Repeat Workshops – Yearly In-Service and Pre-Service Trainings to teachers, student workshops and regular monitoring and maintenance of hardware, software and content to ensure effective usage