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Setup a Library

Rs. 75,000 donates a Library


Libraries@17000ft is part of our Core initiatives towards improving education in each and every school of rural Ladakh and build a culture of reading and discovery.

We have already setup 280 libraries in remote schools of Ladakh and are geared to reach our goal of 500 libraries by 2017. Our libraries are equipped with colourful, engaging, age appropriate books, in English and Hindi, as well as the local languages, Urdu and Ladakhi, largely from domestic publishers. Books are chosen keeping in mind the reading abilities of the children, and emphasis is laid on picture books, locally relevant content and also books which provide exposure to the outside world. 17000 ft libraries consist not only of easy reading and fiction books, but also have reference books, subject exposure books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases etc., to aid the child in his academic curriculum. Each library is fitted with a colourful rack designed and fabricated here at our Head Office in Delhi and shipped to Leh. The racks have been designed to fit and be useful only for the purpose that it is intended for, keeping pilferage and misuse to a minimum.

The donation includes - painting, carpeting of library room, book rack, 500 books across genres and languages, TLM and in-school workshops and training session. Along with the above, the school also receives a Library Register, a Reading Program Curriculum Booklet, training for its teachers on our Library Management System and a minimum of 3 visits to the school in a year for continuous monitoring and assessment of the Library. These visits will also include reading program activities conducted by our facilitators and visiting voluntourists. 

Once a library has been setup, the school will be adopted by 17000 ft for inclusion into its regular programs.