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Furniture for School of 50

Discourage seating on cold floors, help transform the school with colourful carpets and classroom furniture!


An interesting statistic - Less than 31% of the schools in Ladakh are furnished or have classroom furniture.

Quite a few of them even lack the necessary blackboard. 

A lot of rural schools in Ladakh have extremely limited infrastructure, and what exists, leaves a lot to be desired. From broken, unusable classrooms, to non-functional toilets, classrooms without furniture or even carpets, forcing the children to sit on cold bare floors at high altitudes.

There is a dire need to improve schools in remote Ladakh today. Not only does the lack of basic infrastructure contribute to an undesirable learning environment, but it also adds to the already existing discontent of the parent, who frequently compares the Govt. School to far away private schools and finds them lacking.

17000 ft has transformed 135 schools with carpets and age-appropriate classroom furniture so far.

The contibution to Furniture upgrade program includes :

  • Colourful age appropriate Classroom Furniture consisting of desks and chairs for children from Nursery to the highest grade in the school, to reduce problems of poor posture and to foster better learning habits
  • material cost and shipping to Leh and then to the remote school
  • installation and labour
  • training for safety and use

Let us trasform the schools in Ladakh one step at a time!