Know where we have  reached

We closed the Covid-19 relief fundraiser on a high note! We were able to raise a little more than we aimed for. Sincere gratitude to all the donors who made it happen!

The first phase of the project has been completed in August. Covid-19 relief material had reached 35 odd schools so far. The second phase of the project is in progress currently and both our Leh and Kargil teams are on the road. Reaching out to affected communities is the only thing on the mind of our team members. The travel and the risk involved in moving around in these times has not diluted the dedication with which every project is completed. More updates will be shared once the team is back in office.

The awareness workshops and information sharing with the school heads/Village Education Committee members instilled confidence in them to face these difficult times. Although the schools are still closed, the teachers do conduct doubt clearing sessions once in a while at the school. The children were now able to use these materials when they visited the school and also for exchanging the tablets safely, thus enabling them to continue learning.