Know where we have  reached
Voluntourist@17000ft is one of our programs that helps generate awareness about the hundreds of tiny ignored hamlets and allows others to get involved in our work.
We have 10 day and 16 day programs that you can sign up for. These short term programs have a program participation fee attached to them which are given as donations to the Foundation. The donation covers all costs within Ladakh, including program costs, your regular expenses of travel, stay and boarding. While contributing directly to the work of the Foundation, these programs also generate income for hundreds of ignored villages in the region. This contribution is eligible for tax exemption under Sec 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act for Indian residents.
Contribution details for this year:
1) 10 day Program - INR 55,000/- per person
2) 16 day Program - INR 69,000/- per person
Please be aware that our Voluntourism Programs are for a minimum of two people and one of the group member has to be an adult (above 18 years of age). There is a Registration form that each member of the group needs to fill in. This form will help us get to know you better and also answer some basic questions that you have. Please avoid filling this form on your smartphone as it is quite lengthy and may take some time.
Please visit the section 'Be a Voluntourist' for more details about the Program.