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40,000 storybooks in Bhoti for children were published and distributed into 300 schools of Leh District, Ladakh


Storybooks in Bhoti for the children of Ladakh

17000 ft Foundation  has been tirelessly working to create a culture of reading in Ladakh, by setting up libraries across hundreds of schools in remote areas. In a region where the only books available to read were either religious texts or travel books, the presence of hundreds of books in each school opened up a world of imagination and discovery for these children.

Now after 2 years, 17000 ft has seen yet another milestone achievement. 17000 ft  has partnered with Pratham Books and Scholastic Publishers to translate 10 of their titles each into the local language, Bhoti, to be made available to children across 300 schools of Ladakh. This project, which took 2 years and a lot of hard work, is very close to our hearts and was inaugurated on Children's Day, Nov 14 2015 at the CIBS Auditorium at a ceremony attended by all the local dignitaries and children from various surrounding schools.

10 more titles are being translated and would be ready for distribution by July 2018.