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Coca Cola, NDTV Support My School reaches Ladakh

Under their Coca Cola, NDTV Support My School banner, Coca Cola India adopts three remote schools of Ladakh to help upgrade their infrastructure. Not restraining themselves to just the accessible schools, they choose two schools which are not only remote, but also require a walk to reach. Both the remote villages, at a distance of a 100 km or more from Leh city, could only be reached after crossing multiple passes of 16,000 ft or more.

These three schools get a new lease of life under this project, thanks to Coca Cola. They get a brand shiny new playground for its children, a well stocked library, colourful classroom furniture, and Eco friendly toilets for the children. 

17000 ft, in partnership with Coca Cola India, executes this project, taking almost a year to complete, with all of the material being transported from New Delhi to Leh and then carried ahead to each of the individual villages.

Middle School Tigger, situated in the Nubra Valley of Ladakh is a tiny school with under 50 children, situated at an altitude of 10,400 ft! Completely off the beaten track, isolated and unknown to outsiders, the children of this village are thrilled to be finally noticed.

Middle School Nyomma - A remote school in the Nyomma block of Leh District with over 100 students is situated at a staggerig altitude of 13,784 ft. Installing a playground at these altitudes is tough work, but the villagers come out in full force to help the project. Situated a few hours away from the main city of Leh, almost no one visits this village.

Middle School Samkar - A school in Leh city with children from a lot of migrant families, it almost always remains ignored being a small Govt. school surrounded by many private schools. 17000 ft chose this school for their commitment and enthusiasm towards their programs. With 86 children, this school is situated at an altitude of 12300 ft.

Thank you, Coca Cola for your support!