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HDFC Bank adopts Librararies@17000ft Program in

Kharu Block 

HDFC Bank provides a grant to setup and maintain libraries in all 8 schools of Kharu Block of Ladakh. 

These 8 schools, most of which are remote and isolated received visitors or support for the very first time. The project included providing 500 books across various geners, alibrary racks, training on the Library management system, monitoring and assessment as well as regular workshops for children and teachers in school.

The 8 schools are PS Sharnos, MS Martselang, HS Igoo, MS Kenkar, MS Gia, MS Intse Igoo, MS Shara, MS Phuktse. The children are very happy to have a library in their school - it serves as an added attraction to come to the school. The kids enjoy reading and also cultivate a reading habit!

Thank you HDFC Bank for the strong support!