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ICICI Bank provides a grant for 17000 ft's Kargil School Improvement Program

ICICI Bank Special Projects Division takes a keen interest in the work of 17000 ft Foundation. As 17000 ft expands into Kargil District, ICICI Bank provides a grant to support year 1 of the 3 year project to setup a School Improvement Program in Kargil District Ladakh.

Started in April 2015, the project starts with the geo-mapping and survey of 583 schools of Kargil District. Spread across 6 administrative blocks of Kargil, 6 teams are on the road for weeks at a time either on foot or by transport where available to find, map and survey schools of Kargil. Status - 491 Schools of Kargil mapped.

17000 ft also starts its School Leadership Training Program preparations as the team gets ready for the winter training sessions to happen in Kargil in the months of Dec, Jan and Feb.