Know where we have  reached

Mamta and Ananya come back for the third time !

Mamta and Ananya become voluntourists for the third consecutive year! We appreciate such dedication and effort! They have been very active in creating awareness and fundraising substantial amount of contribution both in money and in kind. We are really grateful and happy to have such enthusiastic voluntourists!

This year, they became our first voluntourists to visit Kargil District. They visited Middle School Lankarchey Thang in Kargil. A beautiful school with almost 90+ children. They setup a Library – one of the many libraries that they have fundraised for. The teachers get trained on the Library system as well. They conduct interesting Reading Programs with role plays. The children get to enjoy the stories of ‘The Jungle Book’, My Family’, Annual Haircut Day’ to name a few. The Art and Craft related to these stories is a feast for the kids. They also conduct workshops on Human Body Module and Solar System. Mamta and Ananya are now experienced and it shows during their Program as they go about everything flawlessly!

Middle School Matho gets visitors who were voluntourists at the school last year. Ananya is thrilled to keep her promise made to the children of Matho. The children are equally excited to see her back! They have a reunion and enjoy their time together.

We at 17000 ft are really impressed by the effort both of them have put in fundraising and spreading the word! We have many voluntourists this year inspired by Mamta and Ananya’s work!

A million thanks for everything and see you next year too!