Infrastructure@17000ft - building holistic and visually appealing learning spaces in remote IHR
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Building better learning spaces

A lot of rural schools in the IHR have extremely limited infrastructure, and what exists, leaves a lot to be desired. Not only does the lack of basic infrastructure contribute to an undesirable learning environment, but it also adds to the already existing discontent of the parent, who frequently compares the Govt. School to far away private schools and finds them lacking.

The Foundation has setup playgrounds, painted and carpeted the schools, setup classroom furniture, built toilets, furnished dormitories and created happy learning spaces for children. Besides the obvious impact of improving infrastructure our program also works on the perception of the parent, to convince him that his village and school is being looked after and to hence stay invested in it.

Govt. Schools in Ladakh and Sikkim now have upgraded infrastructure
Children have access to colourful learning spaces
Fall in dropout/migration in 17000ft adopted Govt. schools
Average increase in enrollment in 17000ft adopted Govt. schools


Anganwadi@17000ft is a project that is aimed at setting up Model ECE (Early Childhood Education) Centres in villages to create a safe, supportive learning environment for young pre-school children based on child friendly school systems. To this effect, the centres must have

- safe, hygienic , clean and accessible buildings, in the learning environment
- clean accessible classrooms,
- availability of books and other learning materials
- a print rich environment in the early years
- acceptance of home language and culture

17000 ft has upgraded 129 Anganwadis across Ladakh benefiting around 8000 kids. The Anganwadis have been cleaned, painted and carpeted. And they also got new indoor play equipment and TLM.