Anjana loves learning through our DigiLab

Posted on OCTOBER 2023

Most govt schools in Sikkim have CWSN (Child with special needs) students. This story highlights the story of Anjana Sharma from Tintek Saraswati. Over the past few years, it was noted that Anjana was a very introverted student who felt uncomfortable playing with her classmates at school. Being a special student, she faced some challenges with her learning too. However, it was observed by the headmaster that after 17000ft foundation adopted this school and installed its programs namely the Digi lab, library and the children's park. Anjana seems to be showing signs of improvement in her academics and her social skills. Anjana loves to spend time with her friends in the Digi lab. Anjana in the last few months has shown tremendous improvement in Math. The headmaster of Tintek Saraswati bestows his deepest thanks to Axis Bank and the 17000ft Foundation for selecting their school

A new Jermit is born.

Posted on OCTOBER 2023

Suryodaya School is located on a hillock at the Rakdong Tintek block. To reach this school, one needs to commute on a 4 x 4 considering the terrain and gravel on which this broken road is built.17000ft foundation during the autumn of 2022 selected to adopt this school in collaboration with its funder Axis bank. Suryodaya is also a second home to Jermit Lepcha who resides inside this community.Jermit who always had an inert passion for reading, could never follow it due to the non availability of children's books in her school. After 17000ft Foundation installed a library in this school filled with child appropriate books, Jermit may be found spending a lot of her time in the library. Jermit’s vocabulary and reading fluency have also drastically improved. As remarked by her teacher, Mr. Pravin, Jermit along with other students have been more punctual to school and the existing issue of student absenteeism has also been resolved to a certain degree. Students love coming to school because of the Digi lab, Library and the Children Park. The school headmaster conveys his deepest appreciation to Axis Bank and 17000ft Foundation for choosing their school as a part of this school adoption project